Pace Runners

Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon

Sometimes we all just need help and that's ok. We have an awesome bunch of people who have offered their services to enable you to make it to the finish line. Our paces will keep a constant steady pace throughout the event all the while encouraging you. 

Our pacers will have helium balloons attached to them that will hover roughly half a meter of their head. On the balloon marked in vivid will be the expected time eg. 1.30hr, 2.00hr etc. These guys/gals are here to help you so don't be shy go on and introduce yourselves and get ready!

See below your Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon Pace Runners. 

The application form is for runners volunteering to “lead” a pace group. Each confirmed Pace Runner will receive a free entry into the event, an official pace runners T-Shirt.

Meet Your Pace Runners

Robin Hotter