​Why can’t I get all my money back?


About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items (like a start gantry), marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing.... the list goes on.


The big 'hidden' (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. This can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work.


  • 75% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 25th of May through to the 10th of July 2021.

  • 50% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 11th of July through to the 22nd of August 2021.

  • 25% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 23rd of August through to the 15th of October 2021.

  • No Refunds from the 16th of October 2021

We are runners/walkers just like yourself who also enter events and understand from a participant point of view the frustrations of asking for a refund, therefore, we have done a bit of research and we believe we offer one of the fairest refund policies around.


For more information on our refunds policy please follow this link here


Transferring to another distance within the same event

  • Please email with a brief explanation of your distance transfer request.

  • You cannot transfer to a sold-out event distance.

  • If you decide to upgrade your distance and space is available, you will need to pay the difference of the current entry fees.

  • If you decide to downgrade your event distance and space is available, we are not able to refund the difference in entry fees.

Person to Person Transfers


Yes, you can transfer your entry to another person if you cannot participate in the event.


How to:​

  • Log into your Dashboard, but if you have not created a Dashboard please do so here.  

  • Once created, please log it and click on "My Tickets".

  •  Find the event entry and click on "Details".

  • Select "Make Changes" and then "Person to Person Transfer".

  • Please fill in the form and remember they will take over YOUR bib number


Transferring to another event


Sorry, no transferring to another event or to an event that is the year after. This feature can only be used if the event has been cancelled.

Bib Number

  • When transferring between distances you will be allocated a new race number. Race numbers are generally coloured differently to allow us to easily identify which distance you are participating in.

  • If race numbers have been ordered before your request to upgrade or downgrade (your distance) is made, then you will be charged $5 for a new one.

  • If race numbers have not been ordered, then your new race number will be free.

  • Generally, race numbers are ordered 24 days prior to the event.